Primary School

At St Mark's, our Primary School includes distinct programs for Early Learning (Kindergarten to Year 1) and Years 2 to 5. Feel free to take a look through our School Gallery.

Discover and Inquire: Kindergarten to Year 1

The St Mark’s Early Learning Centre provides a learning environment of the utmost care. It honours the development of the ‘whole child’, puts each child at the centre of all it does, and supports children in belonging, being and becoming.

Teachers in these early years consider the physical, social, emotional and cognitive development of the children. The youngest students at St Mark’s experience discovery through play, and inquiry-based learning in an intentional, nurturing environment. A purposeful, developmentally appropriate approach to literacy and numeracy is used consistently across the early years, alongside the teaching of the important skills of self-awareness and self-regulation. The knowledgeable and nurturing teachers are well supported by passionate and motivated education assistants. The children have access to specialist teachers for Music, Physical Education, Languages (French and Chinese) and Christian and Values Education.

The Early Learning Centre is a beautiful self-contained facility for Kindergarten, Pre-Primary and Year 1 students. Its indoor and outdoor spaces provide children with calm and routine as well as provocations for curiosity, creativity, learning and wonder. Space, time and resources are intentionally organised to maximise the opportunities for the children to move and discover, using all of their senses. There is a focus on reusing materials, an open grassed area, a nature play playground, dramatic play areas, creative arts materials, edible gardens, a pond, an open flexible ‘Imaginarium’ space, a wellbeing space called ‘The Book Nook’, and multipurpose rooms for learning enrichment. A drive-through facility is available for quick and easy drop-offs and pick-ups.

Consolidate and Grow: Years 2 to 5

The Primary School in Years 2 to 5 focuses on building the foundations students will need in order to succeed well into their future. There is a focus on the consolidation of fundamental literacy and numeracy skills, as well as fostering the skills of critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity.

Students engage in inquiry-based learning, Physical Education, Art, Music, and spiritual development through Christian and Values Education. To enable students to become well-equipped local and global citizens, St Mark’s offers opportunities for students to become culturally enriched through the teaching of Languages (French and Chinese). Students are empowered to be active, reflective agents in their own learning, and to understand and develop the attributes they need to be agile lifelong learners.

The Primary School engages students in the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. The Community Garden is part of the Primary School’s commitment to sustainability and gives students the opportunity to get involved in every aspect of managing the market garden, including planting, harvesting and tasting! The St Mark’s Sustainability Program is presented in a rich and authentic context in which to develop many of the skills described in the General Capabilities from the Australian Curriculum. It encompasses the knowledge, skills, behaviours and dispositions that will assist students to live and work successfully. It requires students be creative, innovative, enterprising, to engage in teamwork, to try new ways of doing things, to consider alternatives, and to make ethical informed decisions about their lives.

The Years 2 to 5 precinct is a vibrant hub for students in these year levels. It offers open, flexible, and colourful learning spaces including a sustainable garden, a specialist Art room, and Physical Education facilities including a dedicated Primary sports oval. Students keep active in the multitude of outdoor spaces: a nature play zone, climbing frames, a multipurpose sports court, as well as spaces for outdoor social games such as Four Square, handball and chess. They also make use of the School’s shared amenities, such as the Barbara Godwin Performing Arts Complex, the Ken Fairfield Hall and the Len King Sports Pavilion.

Primary School Timetable

The Primary School Timetable was structured to allow us to best serve the learning and wellbeing needs of our students as they develop and evolve. From Kindergarten to Year 5, students are exposed to increasingly diverse educational opportunities as their confidence grows.

The Primary School timetable can be viewed here.