The St Mark's Timeline

1985: Interim School Council was set up with Mr GM Watkins as Chairman in January 1985

1985:Mrs Barbara Godwin OAM, was appointed Foundation Principal

1985: The Foundation Council held its inaugural meeting.

1985: The Parents and Friends' Association was formed in October 1985

1986: The School opened on 4 February 1986 with an initial enrolment of 240 students in Pre-Primary, Years 1, 2 and 3 and Year 8

1988: The School's first Library and the Administration block opens in 1989.

1989: Construction on the School Hall started in 1989, and was officially opened in 1990. In 2014, the Hall is named for the School's first employee, Mr Ken Fairfield, Foundation Bursar.

1990: The first group of students complete Year 12.

1991: The Old Scholars' Association is established.

1993: The Barbara Godwin Performing Arts Complex is opened.

1999: The Chapel of St Mark and St Luke opens.

2002: The Early Learning Centre opens.

2002: Tony Stopher commissioned as the School's second Principal.

2006: The Len King Sports Pavilion opens.

2009: The Year 7 Building opens (renamed the Floreat building in 2014).

2010: The new Primary School Campus is opened.

2011: The School celebrates its 25th Anniversary.

2012: Construction of the new Library begins.

2013: Cameron Herbert is commissioned as the School's third Principal.

2013: The refurbishment of the Barbara Godwin Performing Arts Centre and Early Learning Centre is completed.

2013: The new Tony Stopher Library and Information Centre opens.

2015: Construction of the new Senior Academic Centre begins.

2016: Construction of additional learning spaces in the Primary School commences. The Anglican Schools Commission announces that the Senior Academic Centre will be named for Past Chair of Council, Mr Alan Cadby.

2017: The new Learning Enrichment Centre opens in the Primary School

2018: The Alan Cadby Senior Academic Centre opens.

2018: Steven Davies commissioned as the School's fourth Principal.

2020: St Mark's implements a Digital Learning Program during the COVID-19 lockdown in Terms 1 and 2. Normal classes resume in early in Term 2.