Strategic Focus

St Mark’s is a K-12 Anglican school, the foundation school of the Anglican Schools Commission, that aspires to be the leading school in Perth’s northern corridor. Our strategy is underpinned by our mission, vision, values and motto.

Our School is a centre of excellence in teaching and learning, pastoral care, worship, and service, providing a high quality, inclusive, caring, and accessible Christian education. Anglicanism underpins all aspects of life at St Mark’s.

Discovery of our Anglican identity is offered to the School community – students, families, and staff – through exploring faith, cultivating reason, participating in worship, embracing pluralism, developing character and engaging in service.

Our community is important to us. Each student and each family is supported to feel safe and to have a sense of belonging to the School community beyond their time as a student. Our School enables every student to be who they are and to engage in pathways appropriate to them, as they grow in an environment of high care and high challenge.

St Mark’s provides all students with opportunities to learn, grow and succeed through:

  • relevant and personally meaningful curriculum;
  • learning in both the classroom and through external partnerships; and
  • group activities and service learning opportunities to discover more about themselves and others.

Our Mission

St Mark's aims to foster growth in character and to develop a set of values and skills, by teaching and example in a Christian setting, through all aspects of School life.

Our Vision

Growing good people who are lifelong learners, striving for excellence and equity in all they do.

Our Motto

Seek Truth and Wisdom

Lifelong Learning

Our community is characterised by individual and collective commitment to lifelong learning that embraces knowledge, skills, curiosity, authenticity, connectedness, and reflection.

Holistic Wellbeing

Our community is characterised by its support and development of the holistic wellbeing of all.

Rounded Character

Our community is characterised by an aim to ‘grow good people’ who are ethical, respectful, honest, empathetic, confident, capable, and concerned citizens of the world.

Stewardship and Sustainability

Our community is characterised by responsible management and forward-looking leadership.