Our Values

Five values reflect the identity of St Mark's Anglican Community School. These values are underpinned by the School’s Mission Statement and Christian ethos, and are interwoven throughout all elements of school life and student experiences from K-12.


We are ethical, respectful, honest and empathetic citizens who demonstrate gratitude, empathy, and integrity. We work to understand, learn with and serve others.


We are committed to lifelong learning that embraces knowledge, skills, curiosity, authenticity, connectedness and reflection. We are committed to continuous improvement.


We are confident and capable, believing in our own capacity to make a positive difference and to achieve our best. We demonstrate resilience, adaptability and perseverance, seeing challenges as opportunities to grow.


We use initiative and take responsibility for our actions by making positive choices, learning from our mistakes, and being our best selves. We fulfil our duties and honour our commitments.


We work together to realise our shared vision, and demonstrate leadership that embraces cultural competence, inclusive decision-making and diversity of ideas. We develop and sustain meaningful relationships, partnerships and engagement with those within and outside of our School community.