Anglican Identity

Faith in Education

St Mark’s is an Anglican school. It is the foundation school of the Anglican Schools Commission, an organisation established in 1985 whose core purpose is to establish and support low-fee Anglican systemic schools which provide a high-quality, inclusive, caring Christian education. We prioritise values education and our programs and activities emphasise pastoral care, social justice, and a strong sense of community.

In the Primary School, students engage in weekly Christian and Values Education (CAVE) classes. In Middle and Senior School, students engage in Christian Education classes and participate in weekly Chapel services. We also offer Bible study groups led by dedicated Christian Education staff and Chaplaincy interns for those students interested in learning more. These groups provide opportunities for students to deepen their understanding of the Bible and explore their faith. Part of the Middle School experience is to visit alternate places of worship. We encourage class discussions, an investigative mindset, and promote inclusion through respect for diversity.

At St Mark's, we create a nurturing environment that integrates Christian values into every aspect of our students' education, fostering personal growth and character development.

Our School Prayer

Almighty God, we thank you for the gospel of your son Jesus Christ committed to us by the hand of your evangelist Saint Mark: grant that we may not be carried away with every changing wind of teaching, but may be firmly established in the truth of your word; through Jesus Christ our Lord.


Our Anglican Identity

In his paper titled Enhancing Our Anglican Identity, The Reverend Dr Daniel Heischman states that in Anglican schools, “Anglican faith is offered to our school community – students, families, staff – as something worthy of personal exploration, study and conversation”.

He also says that “Participation often precedes understanding; experiencing worship paves the way to deeper meaning”. Our students in our diverse community, of other faiths or no faith at all, have the opportunity to participate in thinking and to reflect on the way that faith can impact on their lives.

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Our Patron Saint

As our name suggests, we are named after Saint Mark. Saint Mark the Evangelist was born in the year 5 AD in Cyrene, present Libya, Africa. He is well known for being the author of the Gospel According to Mark, and the founder and also Bishop of the Church of Alexandria, Egypt. Saint Mark passed away in the year 68 AD. He is recognised as one of the early Bishops who became Saints.

Saint Mark is linked to education. In 49 AD, Saint Mark the Evangelist founded the Church of Alexandria and became the first Bishop of Alexandria. He is honoured as the founder of Christianity in Africa. He also set up a Christian school in Alexandria.

Each year, we honour and celebrate our School's namesake on St Mark's Day. Throughout our School's history, St Mark's Day has always taken the format of a religious service followed by a run of some sort which included fundraising.

You can read more about St Mark's Day and its history here.