Who We Are

St Mark’s is an Anglican school. It is the foundation school of the Anglican Schools Commission, an organisation established in 1985 whose core purpose is to establish and support low-fee Anglican schools which provide a high quality, inclusive, caring Christian education. St Mark’s, as a centre of excellence in teaching and learning, pastoral care, worship and service, in the affluent area of Hillarys and surrounds.

St Mark’s is a non-selective school with programs and activities underpinned by strong values. The school provides students with a relevant and personally meaningful curriculum, encompassing classroom learning, partnerships with external organisations, group activities such as arts productions, outdoor experiences such as camps, and expeditions, service opportunities, and self-exploration. The aim is to nurture each student's unique gifts and talents, empowering them to make meaningful contributions to the community and find purpose in their lives.

Christian Education classes, weekly Chapel, and occasional Eucharists are integral parts of St Mark's educational experience and pastoral curriculum. These activities aim to develop reasoning skills, engage in worship, and offer students, families, and staff the opportunity to explore, study, and converse about the Anglican faith. In his paper titled Enhancing Our Anglican Identity, The Reverend Dr Daniel Heischman states that in Anglican schools, “Anglican faith is offered to our school community – students, families, staff – as something worthy of personal exploration, study and conversation”. Participation in worship encourages deeper understanding and allows students from diverse backgrounds, including other faiths or no faith, to reflect on the potential impact of faith in their lives.

St Mark's upholds high standards and expectations for its students in various aspects, such as academics, uniform, personal presentation, behaviour, and treatment of others. Whether it be the formal or sport uniform, wearing it at the highest standard indicates a pride in and sense of belonging to the St Mark’s community. St Mark’s provides both formal and informal experiences for our students, and it is important to recognise the difference and know how to dress and behave appropriately in each type of context.

As in any organisation, we have rules to provide structure for our community, and to ensure that we treat each other with respect. Our rules help to maintain safety, regulate behaviour, ensure efficient organisation, facilitate student learning, and provide conservative guidelines for appearance, amongst other things. Accepting these rules is part of being a member of the St Mark’s community, and our students are expected to take responsibility for adhering to them.

We are proud of the sense of community that is so much a part of our School ethos. The School was developed in, for, and by the community. Families commit to contributing to the School community through a Community Participation Program, otherwise known as parent commitment hours. The Parents and Friends' Association and Old Scholars’ Association are key groups within the St Mark’s community and parent involvement in these groups is welcomed and encouraged.

St Mark’s is a values-driven organisation. We act according to our stated values (Respect, Knowledge, Confidence, Responsibility and Community), follow policies and procedures established by the School and by the Anglican Schools Commission, and behave with integrity. We expect these things of our whole community. Our values provide the foundation for the development of our students as capable, confident, competent, and kind young people. We value your support and contribution to your child’s education, growth, and development, in partnership with the staff and community of St Mark’s.