International Students

The international student homestay program is administered by Anglican Schools Commission International (ASCI).

ASCI is committed to providing a first-class education that gives students the opportunity to share their cultures, values and experiences. Their International services and programs are designed to follow a student’s journey throughout their time within the program.

Everything the ASCI does is about ensuring that students have a positive experience and feel safe, welcomed and comfortable at all times. The philosophy of caring for all students as individuals means ASC International strive to cater to their unique needs and interests as they progress along this pathway to achieving their goals.

The ASCI team will be with students every step of the way to help them create memorable experiences and lifelong friendships.

For more information on the opportunities offered by ASCI, please contact them directly.



+61 8 9286-0290

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PO Box 2520, Mt Claremont,

WA 6010, Australia

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5 Wollaston Road,

Mt Claremont

WA 6010 Australia

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Anglican Schools Commission Inc.

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