Middle School

Years 6 to 8: Explore and Flourish

The middle years of schooling are a significant and special time of rapid physical, cognitive, and emotional development for each child. The St Mark’s Middle School is a safe, nurturing environment in which each student can flourish. Its design - from buildings and facilities to subjects and cocurricular offerings - is built on deep knowledge of the needs of young adolescents, a focus on relationships, and exciting opportunities for students to explore.

In the Middle School, students explore and flourish in a learning environment that enables them to experiment, discover and create. Students are provided with opportunities to develop their academic skills as well as be part of a supportive transition program in which they can develop lasting friendships and experience personal growth.

The Year 6 program provides a seamless, supportive transition for all students, whether coming from the St Mark’s Junior School or another school. The Floreat building is the ‘nest’ or home base for the Year 6 students. This is where students have their Home Room, as well as English, Mathematics, HaSS, and Café Raw lessons, with the Year 6 Science Laboratory located close by. Students in Years 7 and 8 move between classrooms in the Cottesloe building and other key locations.

All Middle School students also have the opportunity to access the dedicated facilities the Secondary school has to offer, including Science laboratories, Art rooms, Physical Education and Outdoor Education facilities, the Barbara Godwin Performing Arts Complex and the Tony Stopher Library and Information Centre.

The Middle School precinct gives students access to social and play spaces such as playgrounds, plenty of shaded seating, outdoor chess, outdoor Connect Four and the popular table tennis tables, all designed to meet the physical and social needs of students at these year levels.

The St Mark’s Middle School provides students with a learning environment that enables them to experiment, discover and create. Not only are students provided with opportunities to develop their academic skills with a robust curriculum, they are also provided with a place to develop and nurture friendships and experience personal growth. Most important is the St Mark’s Middle School’s focus on safety, belonging and the wellbeing of each young person.

Additional Useful Information

Timetabling in Middle and Senior School

The structure of the Secondary School's timetable is based on extensive consultation, ideation, review, and testing and better supports the achievement of goals within the Strategic Plan.

The timetable allows us to continue to best serve the learning and wellbeing needs of students now and into the future. You can view the timetable for the Middle and Senior Schools here.

Year 6 Academic Scholarship Program

As a way of encouraging excellence in education and rewarding high achievement, St Mark’s is offering a limited number of Academic Scholarships for students entering Year 6.

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