Learning Diversity and Inclusion

St Mark’s fosters a safe, equitable, inclusive learning environment of trust and support, underpinned by our Anglican identity and our School Values of Respect, Knowledge, Confidence, Responsibility, and Community. Our community welcomes and recognises the rights of all individuals, values diversity, and fosters equity, fairness, care, and respect.

Teachers aim to provide quality differentiation and reasonable adjustments in the classroom. The School’s language, policies, teaching strategies, and assessment practices work to support equity of access to education for all students, create inclusive learning environments, and identify and reduce barriers to learning.

The Learning Diversity and Inclusion team is led by the Head of Learning Diversity and Inclusion and includes Learning Support Coordinators, specialist support and enrichment teachers, and education assistants. The team develops individual education plans and strategy support plans to directly address the diverse needs of students, to support all students to achieve their fullest potential. They work in partnership with staff, students, families, health professionals, and external agencies towards the best possible outcomes for each child.

Support for students with specific learning needs might include whole class, small group, or individual work; specialist intervention programs; short term interventions; and working alongside class teachers to support all students.