Learner Attributes

Our community is characterised by commitment to lifelong learning. As part of our priority to support students as lifelong learners who are committed to continuous improvement and are equipped for their future, we have identified the following attributes of lifelong learners:

  • Attitude and Effort.
  • Reflection and Growth.
  • Collaboration and Communication.

These are aligned with our School values and are based in research that shows what lifelong learners and successful future workers think and can do. They were developed in conjunction and consultation with the St Mark's 2020 Report Review Group, Curriculum Team, and Executive.

From 2021, these learner attributes will be reported on from Years K-12, in ways that are developmentally appropriate. They will replace the work habits and affectives on the old-style report. Teaching staff will work to make the new learner attributes visible, and to translate these into language that students understand, and with which they can engage.

Want to know more? Check out the Learner Attributes information booklet below.