Year 6 Gets Future Ready

We know that in an uncertain and shifting world, it is essential that we equip our students with skills ready for the future. At St Mark’s, our teaching and learning philosophy includes ‘future readiness’ – engaging students to develop the attributes of lifelong learners and successful people.

In Term 1, as part of the launch of the St Mark’s Future Ready courses in Years 6-10, Year 6 students have been studying Explore, in which they explore themselves, the world around them, and real-world issues. Term 1 developed students’ understanding of themselves and creativity, culminating in a self-expression project.

Students were encouraged to express and challenge themselves as well as develop a greater understanding of what inspires them. Here’s what some of our Year 6 students had to say:

“It is a highlight of my day.”

“We get to express ourselves and this class also gives us more freedom than most classes. We get to do projects we would never ordinarily do.”

“It has helped me understand more about me and what my passions are. It is also helps me handle problems in real life.”

“I have loved having my inspiration lead me, and also having lots of fun.”

“I’m using more creativity, and I don’t think I’m very creative!”

You can read more about our Future Ready Curriculum for Years 6 - 10 here.