Y9/10 Music Night

St Mark’s was buzzing with excitement on the evening of Monday, 10 June, as our talented Year 9 and 10 Specialist and Certificate II Music students took centre stage for the highly anticipated Year 9/10 Music Performance Night 2024!

It was not all smooth sailing leading up to this important occasion, as the concert faced an unfortunate postponement from Week 7 due to widespread illness affecting both year groups. However, after a brief recovery period, our students delivered a musical extravaganza that was well worth the wait!

Kicking off the show was the Year 10 Certificate II band, led by vocalists Lara Whitwam and Gabriella Gismondi. They mesmerised the audience with their own renditions of popular hits by Billie Eilish and the beloved Irish 90s band The Cranberries. Following this was a confident performance by Year 9 student Saskia Kluver, who showcased her talent with a dynamic rendition of the "Sabre Dance" on the marimba.

The night unfolded with a diverse array of solos spanning various genres, from iconic film tunes to electrifying heavy metal drum solos, virtuosic piano solos, and timeless melodies from classical repertoire. The Year 9 and 10 Specialist classes captivated the audience with unique interpretations of hit songs, featuring bass-centric arrangements with a Eurythmics/White Stripes mash-up and a jazzy twist on Meghan Trainor's "All About That Bass".

The grand finale of the evening was a collaborative performance of the iconic song famously covered by Amy Winehouse, "Valerie". The ensemble showcased a large array of instruments, from tubular bells to three pianos and a dynamic brass section, leaving the audience invigorated and wanting more!

The night was a testament to our students' exceptional talent and dedication, who demonstrated their musical prowess with passion and flair, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended.