Senior CAS Finals Week 2

Senior CAS Finals Week 2 showcased our team's excellence with four remarkable victories!

Touch Rugby:

  • We won 5- 2 in the Grand Final against Mater Dei. Our girls faced a formidable challenge and demonstrated their extensive training and strategic prowess against the athletic Mater Dei team. Kudos to Mr Rowland for his exceptional coaching, which elevated the girls' performance to a top-tier level.


  • The Senior Girls secured a thrilling 42-40 victory in the Grand Final against Prendiville. The game was filled with excitement and suspense and extended into overtime due to score discrepancies.
  • Senior Boys triumphed with a 66-58 win in the Final against Irene McCormack, showcasing resilience and teamwork despite facing injuries. Tyler's on-court leadership was instrumental in securing this well-deserved victory.


  • Senior Girls faced a setback with a 2-0 loss in the Grand Final against St James', but their determination led to a remarkable turnaround in the second game, resulting in a 2-0 victory.
  • Senior Boys also achieved a 2-0 victory in the Final against Prendiville, displaying continuous improvement and high-quality play. Charlie and Ellit's powerful hitting stood out, reflecting their dedication to training with specialized coaches every Friday morning.