Senior CAS Finals Week 1

The first week of the Senior CAS Finals was a remarkable success for our school. Senior teams in Years 10-12 competed in touch rugby, basketball and volleyball and achieved four amazing wins.

Touch Rugby: 10-1 WIN

The senior girls' Touch Rugby team displayed an outstanding performance in their match against Prendiville. Despite facing a tough opponent with athletic and strong players, they dominated the game with their skills and teamwork. They overcame a slow start and scored 10 goals while conceding only one, securing a convincing win.

Next Week: Grand Final V Mater Dei


Senior Girls: 54-28 WIN

The senior girls' team achieved a remarkable victory in the semi-final match. They displayed a high level of energy and skill throughout the game, dominating both the defensive and offensive sides. A special recognition goes to Grace, who scored an astounding 46 points and led the team to a 54-28 win.

Next Week: Grand Final V Prendiville

Senior Boys: They had a bye but progress to the playoff for 5th next week!


Senior Girls: 2-0 WIN

The senior girls' team pulled off an impressive first-game victory by showing great control and coordination, winning by a large margin. The second game was more challenging, as they fell behind the opponents by several points. However, they did not give up and staged a remarkable comeback, securing a narrow win and a 2-0 triumph.

Next Week: Grand Final V St James

Senior Boys: 2-0 WIN

The senior boys' team won two thrilling games in a row. They displayed amazing resilience and determination in both matches, which were decided by only a few points. The second game was especially tense, as the score was tied several times. The boys rose to the occasion and played some outstanding volleyball under pressure.

Next Week: Playoff for 5th V TBC