Prefect Leaders 2023

There are many opportunities for our students to exhibit and develop their leadership abilities at St Mark's. One of the more formal opportunities is to become a Year 12 Prefect Leader. Prefect Leaders commit by Oath to service the School in their roles as part of an annual Investiture Ceremony.

We are very proud of the successful candidates for 2023 and how well-rounded they are as people. We took the time to interview each of our Prefects and have a booklet about each student to share with the St Mark's community.

Get to know the St Mark's Prefect Leadership Team 2023!

Each of our Prefect Leaders services the School in a specialised area according to their interests and talents. The roles available are:

  • Head Prefects
  • House Prefects
  • Academic Prefects
  • Service Prefects
  • Wellbeing Prefects
  • Sports Prefects
  • Arts Prefects
  • Chapel Prefect

We thank the Year 12 Prefect Leaders at St Mark's for their dedication to the School and look forward to all they achieve in 2023.

Prefect 2023