Pathways: UniReady

At St Mark’s Anglican Community School we provide ‘opportunities for all’. Our Senior School curriculum encompasses a diverse range of subjects so that students can create their own personalised learning plan to achieve their future post-school goals. We provide the support, guidance and mentoring to ensure that all students are prepared for life beyond school.

The Curtin UniReady in Schools program is a rigorous course designed to prepare students for success at tertiary level and with a focus on the critical thinking process, research skills and university writing. It is delivered as a subject within the timetable (four periods a week) with a mentor teacher who provides one on one support and direct instruction where needed. This is an excellent pathway to applying for future study at university. Upon successful completion of the UniReady program, students can apply for entry to selected courses at WA universities*, including Curtin. Generally, these are courses that require a minimum of a 70 ATAR.

Students involved will complete four units of study, including two core units with the further two units decided in consultation with the student cohort and what meets their learning needs.

Core Units:

  • Fundamentals of Academic Writing
  • Foundations of Communications

This option is for students who achieved success in Year 11 ATAR pathway with a ‘C’ or higher in ATAR English or an A in General English. Students must be highly motivated and have a good work ethic. The course prepares students for university studies with a focus on the critical thinking process, research skills and university writing. Students study a Social Sciences issue and also learn the language of Science and Mathematics investigations in a research task.

How are UniReady units different from ATAR courses?

ATAR courses focus on the academic knowledge required for each specific field of study. ‘UniReady’ focuses on developing the transferable study and communication skills that students need for University study including University-style reading, writing and communication.

What can students’ study after UniReady?

Upon successful completion of ‘UniReady’ in Schools, students will be eligible to apply for a range of undergraduate courses at Curtin and other universities.

Are there exams?

Yes, there are examinations for all units except Foundations of Communication.

Want more information?

Check out this video from our Head of Senior School, Roseanne Madden.

* Individual university requirements are subject to change.