Meet Our Newest Member of the St Mark's Team

We have a new member of the St Mark’s Team we would like to introduce you to, but it is a little hard when the individual doesn’t have a name. You may have seen this particular individual popping up on our e-signs and screens located around the School, plus on our social media. Can you guess what or who it is?

To help you out - our newest team member is a cartoon-winged lion.

Our students will know from wearing the St Mark’s uniform proudly and seeing our logo around School that we have a winged lion in the school crest. From earliest Christianity, a winged lion has been the symbol of our School’s namesake - Saint Mark. The lion represents courage, bravery and valour, and along with our school values, underpin all aspects of life at St Mark’s. As a cartoon version of the winged lion on our crest, it is hoped that it will bring a sense of fun, friendliness and community to our School branding. Our winged lion is a well-rounded character who tackles any challenge with courage. It has a passion for learning and, just like our students, is friendly and kind, adaptable and inclusive.

To introduce the newest addition properly, we need the help of our students to name them. To enter, students need to complete the online form and submit their suggested name. There is a great prize up for grabs for the winning entrant. Entries close at 4.00pm Friday 21 October. Complete the online form here.

Click the here to meet our newest team member.