Leadership Investiture

In a moving ceremony held on Monday, the 2024 Middle and Senior School Prefects and Captains were formally presented with their badges, signalling the initiation of their leadership journey. The investiture represents our students' commitment to service within the St Mark's School community.

Following the badge presentation, the Prefects and Captains undertook the St Mark's Leaders' Oath, a solemn pledge that cemented their unwavering dedication to the welfare and progress of the school. Within this pledge, they expressed their commitment to lead with accountability and fairness, providing support and actively working towards empowering others to be their best selves.

At the core of their pledge lies a promise to uphold values foundational to the St Mark's community—values of kindness, respect, and commitment to service. These emerging leaders enter their roles with the understanding that their actions will shape the school environment and influence the experiences of their peers.

As we witness the investiture of the 2024 Prefects and Captains, we extend our heartfelt best wishes, confident that they will navigate their leadership roles with confidence and positivity. Their commitment to embodying kindness and respect in their service to St Mark's assures us that they will contribute significantly to the growth and harmony of our school community.

These student leaders have the opportunity to make a lasting impact. With their badges proudly worn and the St Mark's Leaders' Oath echoing in their minds, the 2024 Prefects and Captains are poised to lead with spirit, integrity and dedication.