Introducing ...

In Term 4 last year, our School engaged in a quest to determine a name for the newest member of our School Community, a Winged-Lion. Students and staff had the opportunity to contribute their ideas and then our school voted on their preferred choice of name.

We are excited to introduce to you: Griffin.

The suggestion that our School chose was from Abigail in Year 8. Abigail’s suggestion resonated with many in our community as she intertwined the values we hold dear into Griffin’s name.

Abigail’s submission stated, “These suggestions are based on our School's values. Griffins are legendary creatures, who were known for guarding treasures and priceless possessions.

G = Grow

R = Respect

I = Inquire

F = Flourish

F = Faith

I = Independence

N = Nurture”

As the competition winner, Abigail will receive a voucher to use at the canteen. A big thank you to everyone who put forward suggestions and to those who voted. Well done also to the suggestions of Aera and Zion on achieving the Top 3.

“Griffin will help bring warmth and friendliness to the School’s visual identity. We hope this will further increase our sense of community and belonging.”, says Principal Mr Davies.

Griffin is a well-rounded character who tackles any challenge with courage. They have a passion for learning and, just like our students, is friendly, kind, adaptable and inclusive. These qualities greatly represent our St Mark’s family.

How Griffin Came to be

The winged lion is prominently placed in the centre of the St Mark’s logo and from earliest Christianity, a winged lion has been the symbol of the School’s namesake - Saint Mark. The lion represents courage, bravery and valour, and along with our school values, underpin all aspects of life at St Mark’s.

To bring warmth and friendliness to the School’s visual identity and branding a cartoon version of the winged lion was developed in 2022. The School community was engaged to help name the Winged Lion. They had the opportunity to contribute their ideas and then the school voted for their preferred choice of name. Griffin was chosen as the preferred name.

Griffin’s Plans for St Mark’s

As a proud member of the St Mark’s community, Griffin will foster a spirit of connection and collaboration. Griffin's aim is to bring a sense of fun, friendliness, and community to our School branding and also increase our sense of belonging.

In the near future, Griffin hopes, with the help of the Old Scholars’ Association, to appear at School events and functions.

View Griffin's introductory video HERE