Honouring our Patron

At the end of April, our entire school celebrated Saint Mark, our revered namesake. This day, dedicated to community spirit, served as a wonderful tribute to our Anglican beliefs, a moment to contemplate our values, and an opportunity to reconnect across all year levels.

For the past 38 years, our St Mark’s Day festivities have followed a consistent pattern, commencing with a Chapel service followed by a run of some sort. This year commenced with a meaningful Communion Service held in our K-12 gathering area, the Quadrangle. Our St Mark’s Day Service welcomed a distinguished guest, Bishop Hans Christiansen, whose sermon delved into the significance of our School motto, "Seek Truth and Wisdom." This motto, intertwined with our core values, forms the basis of our thriving school community—an ethos centred on selflessness and kindness. Bishop Hans also emphasised the importance of releasing self-imposed pressures and remembering that amidst challenges, we are embraced by love.

Throughout the Service, our School was treated to musical performances by our Early Learning Centre, Primary and Secondary School choirs, and our Jazz Band led by Year 12 student Michael on vocals. These performances had everyone tapping their toes and singing along.

True to our traditions, we continued the day with the customary runathon. Our Secondary School students headed to Mawson Park for the spirited Interhouse Cross Country Carnival. Fueled by House pride and the quest for valuable points, our students displayed exceptional sportsmanship and unwavering determination.

To wrap up the day, we came together as a whole school again to capture a memorable aerial photograph spelling out the word "Respect." This act emphasised one of our core School Values and the amazing work our Secondary Student Leaders have done on their value-based Code of Conduct.

We had a fabulous day honouring Saint Mark and celebrating the elements that define our School. Despite our diverse individuals and sub-schools, we stand united as one community under a single badge and motto.

Video snapshot of St Mark's Day
Video snapshot of the Respect Aerial Photo