HaSS Week Celebrations

St Mark's Middle and Senior Schools recently came alive with excitement and learning as students and staff immersed themselves in the activities of HaSS Week. Hosted by the Humanities and Social Sciences (HaSS) department, the week-long event aimed to deepen students' understanding and appreciation of the world around them through a variety of engaging experiences.

The HaSS department curated a range of activities to captivate students. Daily quizzes challenged students' knowledge of Economics, Geography, Philosophy, History, and Business, fostering a spirit of friendly competition and intellectual exploration.

One of the highlights of HaSS Week was the Amazing Race, which took participants on a journey across the campus. This year's race featured a special International Women's Day-themed Who Am I? segment that celebrated the achievements and contributions of women around the world.

Students also heard from guest speaker Dale Baker, an expert in the Small Business sector. His insights and experiences provided valuable real-world perspectives, inspiring students to think critically about entrepreneurship and starting their own businesses.

The Mastermind Challenge added an element of intellectual prowess to the week, with congratulations going to Sam and Harry for their impressive victories in the Middle School and Senior School categories, respectively.

To bring a touch of nature into the learning experience, HaSS Week also offered students the opportunity to interact with Australia's native animals. This hands-on encounter allowed students to connect with the environment and deepen their understanding of ecological concepts.

Overall, HaSS Week at St Mark's was a resounding success, leaving a lasting impact on students' learning journey.

View the HaSS Week Snapshot here.