Focus on...Business, Management and Enterprise

Welcome to our new 'Focus On...' web series! Each term we will be highlighting a different learning area, hearing from staff what makes St Mark's courses and subjects so great.

Our first installment is from Head of Humanities and Social Sciences, Mr Daniel Lehman, about the Business Management and Enterprise course.

What makes the St Mark’s Business Management and Enterprise (BME) course different from programs at other schools?

Business, Management and Enterprise gives students the opportunity to build their understanding of owning and operating a small business in Australia. The course also examines the factors that impact on business operations on a global scale. It builds on our very successful Business elective subjects, that are offered to students in Year 9 and 10. Students leave the course with an appreciation of how those entrepreneurial skills will benefit them in the future.

Why do you think students perform well in the BME course?

The success, first and foremost, lies with the desire of the students to succeed in their studies. Success has also been built around the skills and talents of the teaching staff. Mrs Crisp (retired December 2021) was a member of the Curriculum Advisory Committee that initially wrote the Business Management and Enterprise course. This gave her an in-depth understanding of the syllabus. Mrs Crisp also presented on key aspects in the course at conferences organised by the Business Educators Association of Western Australia. Mrs Debra Maher has also been recognised for her talents in teaching Economics as another high performing subject at the ATAR level, and I have been employed by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority as a marker for the course at the ATAR level many times.

How does the course fit within the School’s Strategic Plan of lifelong learning?

Enterprise education and an entrepreneurial mindset are cornerstones of lifelong learning. Understanding the workings of business equips our graduates for success in their future studies and employment.

What skills do students gain from completing the BME course?

From studying BME in a global context students gain an understanding of our globalised world. They also develop critical thinking skills that require them to consider solutions to a range of problems inherent in the course.

Why should students consider taking the BME course?

The number of self-employed workers in our economy is growing and will continue to grow in the future. The BME course gives students the knowledge base and skills to build a successful career in business. Studying BME also gives students an advantage in any first year Commerce or Business undergraduate degree, due to many similar concepts being covered.

What future pathways are open to students who take the BME course?

Many BME students go onto study a Bachelor of Business or Commerce at university. The BME course is a great introduction to these degrees, and there are many St Mark's Old Scholars' who have chosen this pathway.