Decoding Da Vinci

Last week six teams from Years 5 – 10 headed to the University of Western Australia to compete against other schools in the Da Vinci Decathlon. In teams of eight across nine different disciplines: engineering, mathematics and chess, code breaking, art and poetry, science, English, ideation, creative producers, cartography and legacy, our students showed true St Mark’s spirit with positive attitudes, great collaboration and cooperation.

Our teams showed grit and teamwork throughout the day on papers that even stumped some of their teachers! Congratulations to our Year 5 team, who placed 2nd in Maths, 3rd in Science and 3rd in Engineering out of 21 schools, to our Year 6 team, who placed 3rd in Cartography out of 22 schools and to our Year 7 team, who placed 3rd in Ideation out of 28 schools.

Well done to our teams who represented our School – we are incredibly proud of you all:

Year 5 Team: Olivia, Hamish, Zac, Ayrton, Asha, Alexis, Austin and Lucien

Year 6 Team: Lauren, Noah, Dylan, Isobel, Emma, Noah, Tyler and Orlaith

Year 7 Team: Cara, Jonathan, Ava, Callum, Sophie, Tyson, Emily and Lili

Year 8 Team: Sophie, Mackenzie, Oscar, Fraser, Ethan, Rhianna, Hannah and Emilia

Year 9 Team: Roxy, Siobhan, Sienna, Zoya, Indianna, Kai, Hayley and Laureece

Year 10 Team: Chelsea, Josie, Abby, Joel, Verity, Taylah and Harry.