Celebrity Chef Week

To brighten up a challenging week, here are some great photos from some of our 'Celebrity Chefs' who spent some time in the Home Ec rooms last week, sharing their tried and tested (and very tasty) recipes with our secondary school students.

Mr Daniel Lehman (Head of Humanities and Social Sciences) showed off his amazing pizza making skills. The pizzas were top notch, and his dough spinning skills exemplary!

Mr Daniel Hopkins (English Teacher) made his famous Oreo Truffles with a Year 10 Home Economics class. He originally made this recipe for his niece’s first birthday and it has been his signature dish ever since! Students enjoyed rolling out and decorating these gorgeous treats. He had already made a batch when he arrived and the students enjoyed sampling them. Daniel is eager to share more of his culinary skills in Home Economics in the future.

Mr Mike Day (Deputy Head of Middle School) made a delicious tapas style bruschetta and garlic rosemary chicken. He taught the Year 8 class about Spanish food and shared his knowledge on tips and tricks in the kitchen. This isn’t the first time Mr Day has shared his food knowledge, passion and talents with St Mark’s students in the Home Economics Department. His love for cooking is inspiring.

Mr David Bailey (English Teacher) worked with a Year 7 Cafe Raw class, and made a delicious 'St Macs and Cheese' dish.

The Year 8s Food & Lifestyle Class were treated to a family favourite from Middle School Admin Assistant, Mrs Marcia Husband, with her Chicken Tetrazinni. The pasta dish was delicious, and very popular indeed.

Mrs Sue Bradley (Science Teacher) made a delicious chicken and vegetable stir fry. She used chicken mince, Chinese vegetables and egg noodles to make a dish that can be easily replicated at home by the Year 7 class. She topped it off with an easy Chocolate Ripple Cake that requires just two ingredients – Chocolate Ripple Biscuits and cream. Could not be an easier recipe!

Media Teacher, Mr Blair Limpitlaw, treated the Year 12 General Food Science class to a demonstration of the ultimate monster cookie. The students carefully weighed each portion of dough to create the perfect sized giant biscuits. These raw biscuits are frozen overnight before cooking to ensure a gooey centre. He prepared a batch for the students to enjoy warm in class. A sweet and delicious lesson!

Mr Josh Andrews (Acting Head of Science) wowed us with a Western Samoan Chop Suey and his grandmother’s famous Polynesian Creamy Raw Fish. These two favour packed dishes proved to be a big hit with the adventurous Year 8 taste testers.

Mrs Shirley McKibbin (Head of the Tony Stopher Library and Information Centre) made delightful savoury scrolls. Her recipe included feta and haloumi cheese with a variety of other ingredients, all wrapped in puff pastry. You cant go wrong with this recipe!

It was a fabulous way for students to learn new recipes, and to see a different side to many of their teachers! Delicious week for sure!