CAS Report - Term 2, Round 6

It was a big week for Junior CAS as we headed into the 'pointy-end' of the season, featuring some fiercely competitive games against fellow ASC school Peter Moyes.

Netball: Our Year 7 and Year 9 teams faced tough opponents but displayed remarkable perseverance. Our Year 8 girls continue their impressive run, remaining undefeated.

Soccer: Both of our Year 7 teams achieved outstanding victories, winning by significant margins. Despite a challenging day, our Year 8/9 girls are improving each week. The Year 8/9 boys had the best win of the round, defeating Peter Moyes, who were ahead of them on the ladder. They now move to the top with one game left to seal the title.

AFL: Both teams played their last CAS game, as next week’s matches against St James' are forfeits. Our Year 7 team had a nail-biting game but lost in the final minute. Meanwhile, our Year 8/9 team dominated, winning by nearly 100 points.