CAS Report - Term 2, Round 4

Versus Lake Joondalup Baptist College

Round 4 games continued with matches against LJBC. All our teams showed exceptional sportsmanship and determination, whether they were winning or facing a tough opposition. The Team of the Week honours go to our Year 8/9 Girls, who, despite being short-handed, managed to recruit some players and face off against an academy squad. They showed great resilience and even managed to score a goal. Another highlight was our Year 8/9 Boys' football team. With only 11 players initially, they were on the brink of forfeiting, but with some extra players, the game went on. Both teams enjoyed themselves, especially when peers matched up against each other, embodying the true spirit of CAS Sport!


  • 7A Girls Netball Win 33-11
  • 7B Girls Netball Win 21-12
  • 7 Boys Soccer Loss 0-4
  • 7 Girls Soccer No Game
  • 7 Boys AFL No Game
  • 8 Girls Netball Win 51-5
  • 8/9 Boys AFL Win 87-7
  • 8/9 Boys Soccer Win 2-0
  • 8/9 Girls Soccer Loss 1-8
  • 9 Girls Netball Win 41-27