CAS Report - Term 2, Round 2

Round 2 Versus St Stephen's

In Round 2 of CAS Sport this week, our teams faced off against St Stephen's School Duncraig, bringing some exciting action to the field. The Year 7 Boys' Soccer team engaged in a thrilling battle with St Stephen's, showcasing their grit and determination that inspired Mr Davis. These challenging matches against formidable opponents are among Mr Simmons' favourites, highlighting our team's never-give-in attitude. Looking ahead, we're gearing up for a showdown with our biggest rival, Mater Dei. Ms Hall’s Year 7 Soccer Girls, who have been putting in dedicated work during training, eagerly anticipate this upcoming match. Additionally, our two AFL teams are eager to take on the challenge presented by the "specialist school."

Specialist Report from Mr Davis, Coach Year 7 Boys Soccer

After a tense start against a formidable opponent renowned for their soccer prowess, the St Mark’s Year 7 boys quickly asserted their dominance, showcasing their exceptional skill and unwavering discipline both on and off the ball.

Maintaining their formation with precision and determination, they systematically dismantled the St Stephen’s defence, carving out opportunities to dictate the flow of play.

Despite several close calls, St Mark's capitalised on their resilience, securing a crucial free kick in dangerous territory entrusted to the capable hands of Captain Tom G.

In the electrifying moments leading up to the strike, a hushed anticipation enveloped the field, shattered only by the thunderous eruption of jubilation as Tom’s meticulously placed shot soared past the St Stephen's goalkeeper, sparking a frenzy of celebration along the St Mark’s sideline.

Emboldened by their early lead, the St Mark’s Year 7 squad remained focused and composed, rallying together with unwavering support and encouragement.

As the first half drew to a close, amidst a flurry of action, St Stephen's conceded a penalty in a desperate attempt to regain control, which was expertly converted by the relentless Jacob H.

Throughout the second half, the team continued to dominate the field, defending their lead with tenacity and determination, ultimately clinching a well-deserved 2-0 victory.

As they look ahead to future challenges against formidable adversaries, the St Mark’s Year 7 team stands united, their fearless spirit and unyielding determination serving as a testament to their unwavering commitment to success!

Round 2 Results:

  • 7A Girls Netball Win 23 - 12
  • 7B Girls Netball Loss 3-18
  • 7 Boys Soccer Win 2-0
  • 7 Girls Soccer No result – training
  • 7 Boys AFL No result – forfeit by St Stephen's
  • 8 Girls Netball Win 38-12
  • 8/9 Boys AFL Win 101-25
  • 8/9 Boys Soccer Win 8-2
  • 8/9 Girls Soccer Loss 3-7
  • 9 Girls Netball Loss 15-19