Staff Announcement – Dr Deborah Netolicky

Dear St Mark's Community,

Walford Anglican School for Girls in Adelaide announced this morning that Dr Deb Netolicky, St Mark’s Anglican Community School's Head of Teaching and Learning, will be their new Principal, commencing at the beginning of 2023. We congratulate Dr Netolicky on her appointment, and are pleased and proud that her work and expertise as a leader at St Mark’s has been recognised in this way.

Dr Netolicky commenced at St Mark’s at the beginning of 2020, and since then, she has made a very significant mark in the newly created position of Head of Teaching and Learning. She has worked mostly with staff in their professional growth and development but has also taught English Literature to senior students. Dr Netolicky’s writing in support of our St Mark’s people has seen several of our staff rightly recognised for the excellence of their work, locally and nationally. Dr Netolicky’s creation of a Distance Learning Plan early in 2020, at short notice, gave confidence to our students, families and staff in the continuity of learning as we first came to terms with COVID-19 in our community. Her leadership of the Future Ready Curriculum in the Secondary School has resulted in its successful implementation this year. Overall, the professional approach Dr Netolicky has brought to all that she does has greatly benefitted St Mark’s Anglican Community School and its people.

I am sure you will join me in wishing her every success as she takes this significant step in her career with her family.

Dr Netolicky’s news means there will be some changes to leadership in the School, and I will write to update you when those changes are clear.

Yours sincerely,

Steven Davies
St Mark's Anglican Community School