St Mark's Fete

The St Mark's Fete is a bienniel event and long-standing tradition of the School. As an initiative of the Parents and Friends’ Association, it is run by volunteers, and enjoyed by the whole community.

The Fete includes stall favourites such as Trash ’n’ Treasure, bake sale, plant and book stalls plus many, many more. There are always so many games plus wet and dry rides and often pony or camel rides for the kids to enjoy too. The dunk tank is always a winner!

Assorted food trucks and coffee vans are popular with the crowds. Ice-creams and slushies are usually the flavour of the day for the students.

Attendees can win prizes in the lucky dips, silent auction and raffles, plus there is always local entertainment including music and dance performances.

The St Mark's P&F Committee puts in many volunteer hours organising the event with detailed planning and preparation required. The event brings together so many willing family volunteers who make it such an incredible event. Volunteers include parents, staff, past and present students and we are always so grateful for their efforts.

We look forward to bringing the community a Fete soon, so watch this space!