Enrol My Child

St Mark’s Anglican Community School welcomes all applications for enrolment.

Our intake years are Kindergarten, Year 2 and Year 4 (Primary School) and Year 6 (Middle School).

Opportunities outside of these years do arise, and we invite you to contact us for more information on options that may be available. We would love to hear from you.

Please note that some year groups are limited; should you wish to enrol your child, please be aware that you may be placed on a waitlist.

If you would like to learn more about St Mark's, we encourage you to let us know. The focus of the tour is to showcase some key facilities and a snapshot of day-to-day life on campus. Tours generally focus on one of three areas within our campus:

  • Early Learning Centre (Kindy, Pre Primary and Year 1)
  • Primary School (Years 2 to 5)
  • Middle School (Years 6 to 8) and Senior School (Years 9 to 12) combined tour.

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Admissions Policy

Our Admissions process embraces the diversity of our community, and we welcome all applications. Parents who wish to apply for admission are required to complete an online application for admission, which incurs a non-refundable application fee of $50.

Among the factors taken into account when assessing applications, in no particular order, are:

  • whether the applicant has siblings already attending the School;
  • children of parents who indicate a willingness to support the Anglican and community ethos of the School;
  • whether they are children of clergy;
  • if they are children of participating members of the St Mark’s Old Scholars’ Association;
  • if they are children of regular church attending families;
  • whether the children live in the local community;
  • the date of application;
  • individual family circumstances;
  • the outcome of the interview process.

In all cases, the School Principal makes the final decision as to whether an offer of enrolment is made. The Principal retains the discretion to offer places to ensure an academic and coeducational balance is maintained across the whole School.

Not an Australian resident? St Mark's does offer opportunities for international students through Anglican Schools Commission International (ASCI). Find out more here.

The Admissions Process

Becoming a part of our Community

Applications for a place at St Mark's can be made at any time, no matter what the current age of the child, or what the proposed year of entry may be. You are also welcome to book to attended a tour before or after submitting an application.

Prior to being offered a place at St Mark’s, prospective students and their families are invited to an interview and a more personalised tour of our campus with the relevant Head of School. Interviews generally take place at least one to two years prior to the expected date of enrolment. For enrolments outside of the traditional intake years, interviews may be held as soon as an opportunity arises.

As the number of applications can exceed the number of places available, it may not be practical to interview all applicants. Applicants will remain on the database of prospective students until a place becomes available, or until the application is withdrawn.

If the application and interview are successful, families will be offered a placement. Should the family wish to accept the offer of enrolment, a non-refundable Acceptance and Establishment Fee is payable within 28 days to confirm the family’s commitment to take up the offered position. The fee is not deducted from the first term’s tuition fee. The amount applicable is equivalent to the Middle School tuition fee for one term. This fee is payable once per family. For students commencing in Years 9 to 12, the fee is calculated at a pro rata rate.

Making the Transition to St Mark's

We understand that moving to a new school, whether it is at Kindergarten or Year 6, can be both exciting and a little daunting. To assist in the transition to St Mark’s, Orientation Days and Parent Information Evenings are held for incoming students and their families. We have additional home-based resources available to families through St Mark's SchoolTV.

Conditions of Enrolment

Parental Participation

One of the points of difference between St Mark's and other schools over many years is the ongoing positive support of the Parents and Friends' Association in the development of the School and in building a strong sense of community. One of the ways in which the community spirit is fostered is through providing an environment where parents and friends have opportunities to contribute to the life of the School through service. The Parental Participation program, also known as 'Parent Hours,' is administered by the St Mark's Parents and Friends' Association.

Parents will, on accepting an offer of enrolment for their child, take on a shared responsibility to assist the School in achieving its spiritual and educational goals. Active involvement in the life of the School is both a precondition and a continuing condition of enrolment, and all families are required to provide a minimum of 10 hours of volunteer service to the School per year per family. Parents can contribute their time by supporting either community activities or by providing practical support to the School. Each family is responsible for logging their own hours, using the online system located within the Parent Portal. An additional fee of $330 may be levied by the P&F if parent hours are not completed.

Making the decision to accept an offer for a place at any school can be challenging, and we know you may have additional questions. Here are some links to topics that may provide you with the answers you are looking for: