Academic Excellence

Equipped for the Future 

Academic Excellence

St Mark’s offers a range of support mechanisms that can help students develop effective and efficient study skills that fit each individual’s learning styles.  Study seminars, personal development presentations and career counselling are offered to help students make the most of their time at St Mark’s.  

Before and after school study clubs are offered by the various learning areas, and the popular SOS (Study with Old Scholars) program is available in the Tony Stopher Library and Information Centre. 

The Study with Old Scholars program is a free tutoring and homework help program hosted by recent St Mark’s graduates. It provides students with a ready resource to tap into, especially as the ATAR exams draw near. The Library is open Mondays to Thursdays from 7.30am to 5.30pm. In addition to the SOS Tutors, a number of teaching staff also make themselves available in the Library to answer questions and provide support.

Learning Enrichment

St Mark’s is committed to providing safe, supportive, inclusive and disciplined learning environments that provide educational opportunities for all students.  This means that students are provided with learning support and/or academic extension on an ‘as needed’ basis.

Technology and Digital Learning

Globally, there is a compelling need to develop transferable learning-how-to-learn capabilities in young people that enable them to thrive and contribute to ever-changing, new and challenging contexts.

Digital Learning encourages students to apply their knowledge and practical skills and processes when using technologies and other resources to create innovative solutions, independently and collaboratively, that meet current and future needs.

St Mark’s values the development, implementation and use of technologies to enrich the curriculum and provide flexibility to its delivery, and engage students in learning. We are working to empower students to become cooperative and collaborative workers, dynamic problem-solvers and creative and critical digital citizens.