School Performance Information

Summary of 2019 Survey Results

Thank you to the members of the School community who responded to the opportunity to provide feedback about St Mark’s via the surveys conducted in September 2019. In total, just under 2000 responses were received and  have provided the School with much data to consider. The responses will allow the School to look at what is working well, what could work better and what new things we might need to implement over the coming years. 

Responses (measured as ‘satisfaction’) were:

  • 5 Strongly Agree
  • 4 Agree
  • 3 Neutral
  • 2 Disagree
  • 1 Strongly disagree
Parent Surveys

961 parents completed the survey instrument. Statements were grouped under different categories and an average response for each group of statements was determined.

Parent Survey: Summary of Responses from Key Areas

Key Area
Leadership and direction3.93
Learning and extension3.74
Learning environment4.33
Parent engagement3.99
Pastoral care / Wellbeing3.98
Resources and facilities4.26
School communication4.01
Student engagement3.87
Student transition3.78
Teaching standards3.88
Values and culture4.03
Average score3.95

Takeaways from all sections of the School:

  • Staff care about children, their learning and their wellbeing.
  • Students are well rounded and happy.
  • Student learning and engagement is provided for in a variety of ways.
  • Communication is a little inconsistent – some personal communication is excellent, but the variety of information sources can be confusing.
  • There is a wide range of activities with which students can engage outside of their curricular learning.
  • The values of the School are important and emphasis on these must continue.
  • Buildings and grounds are of a high quality.
  • There is a variety of opinion of how much students should be immersed in the faith of the School and the Anglican Church.
  • There is some worry around rising fees.
  • Class sizes are bigger than expected.
  • Some believe that Year 6 should be in the Primary School.
  • More playground space could be provided.
  • Student respect for others is important.
  • Regular feedback on student progress is important.
  • Care must be taken to maintain the community feel of St Mark’s.
  • Traffic flow in and around St Mark’s is difficult.

Student Surveys

1003 students (from Years 3-12, inclusive) completed the survey instrument. Statements were grouped under different categories and an average response for each group of statements was determined.

Student Surveys - Summary of Responses by Key Area

Key Area
Leadership and direction3.75
Parent engagement3.39
Resources and facilities3.88
School communication3.90
Student engagement3.93
Student transition3.93
Teaching 3.73
Values and culture3.95
Average score3.77


  • Teachers are kind, helpful, supportive, care about student learning and maintain good relationships with students.
  • Students are supportive and able to form genuine relationships. Students help others.
  • There are engaging ways to learn.
  • A variety of subjects and courses are available.
  • Many cocurricular activities are available, including sport, the Arts, technology, Thinking Differently and Wellbeing Days, camps and tours. There are opportunities to be part of something.
  • Students like reaching out to others, within and outside of our community.
  • The grounds and facilities are very comfortable, modern and safe.
  • There must be less litter around the campus.
  • There could be more playgrounds.
  • Celebration and support of of both General and ATAR pathway students in Year 11 and 12 is important.

Annual Reports

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