Our Values

Mission Statement

St Mark's aims to foster growth in character and to develop a set of values and skills, by teaching and example in a Christian setting, through all aspects of School life. The School motto is Seek Truth and Wisdom.


The School has identified five values that reflect who we are as a School community, and these values are underpinned by the School’s Mission Statement and Christian ethos.  These five values are interwoven throughout all elements of School life, including policy development and process, pastoral care and curriculum implementation. 


We actively listen to each other’s thoughts and feelings, and trust that those thoughts will be respected and valued.


We learn continuously by gathering new facts, principles and truths.  Our knowledge and understanding grow when we put what we learn into practice.


By having a realistic confidence in ourselves and in our abilities, we are able to set goals that are both challenging and achievable, whether those goals are in education, in work or in society.  


We take responsibility for our actions by making positive choices, learning from our mistakes, and by fulfilling our duties and honouring our commitments to one another and to our community.


As a community, we work together to reach a shared goal, offering each other mutual support and encouragement. The skills and talents of individuals are recognised and acknowledged, allowing each individual to make a positive contribution to group efforts.