Our School Song

Truth and Wisdom

St Mark’s School Song
Music & Lyrics: Paul Jarman
Commissioned by St Mark’s Anglican Community School 2013

Follow the way, the truth and the life

Holding a dream in the palm of our hand
Sow the seeds and we’ll water the sand
From the dust and the dunes our dream will bloom
Together we can make it true

Follow the way, the truth and the life
Lead by example, shining our light
Live by the values we’ve learned today
Knowing that our path is right

Seek truth and wisdom in all you do
Explore the wonder of your life
Seek truth and wisdom, take it always with you
And you will always shine a light

The love you that you give is the love you receive
And where there is love there’s a reason to live
With all of our heart, our mind and soul
Our faith in you will lead us on

Serving each other we are all growing strong
See with the vision to which we belong
So we’ll all lend a hand and join as one
To grow the dream for those to come
Give ourselves, we become so much more
Like the seeds that we planted, we will always stand tall
And you will find us side by side
Shining a light for you  

© Paul Jarman 2013