Senior School

Years 9 and 10: Challenge and Enrich

Year 9s and 10s in the Senior School challenge and enrich themselves through their participation in a broad range of learning opportunities that set the foundation for their final years of schooling.

Year 9 is the year students step in to the Senior School at St Mark’s. It is a year where students are asked to challenge themselves in their academic studies and the choices they make, to strive to be the best version of themselves. Students are encouraged to make positive choices in and out of the classroom and to build on their previous learning and experiences. This is the year in which students develop a strong work ethic, growth mindset and study skills that will see them thrive in the future. St Mark’s curriculum and wellbeing programs incorporate self-regulation, organisation and time management skills. Year 9 students are encouraged to take responsible risks and learn from their mistakes.

The Year 10 program at St Mark’s is responsive to the world in which students will live, study and work, beyond graduation. The Year 10 curriculum is designed to be challenging and enriching so that students can step up to the demands and opportunities of senior schooling. Students develop an enterprising mindset to prepare them academically, emotionally and socially, ready for the pace and complexity of global lives. This is a year when students are encouraged to take ownership of their own learning, self-manage and be independent learners. They are supported through career and course counselling to make choices that lay the foundations for strategic career development and lifelong learning. The Year 10 Outdoor Adventure Studies camp is a memorable part of a student’s life at St Mark’s.

Years 11 and 12: Fulfil and Succeed

Year 11s and 12s aim to fulfil their potential and work to succeed in their chosen pathway. They hone the skills, knowledge, and habits that will enable them to make effective decisions, lead themselves and others, and flourish in their chosen post-school pathways.

Options for Year 11 and 12 students include an ATAR pathway to university and a General/VET pathway to industry. Additionally, St Mark’s offers Curtin University’s UniReady, an enabling program for students wishing to qualify for access into selected degrees at Curtin University, Edith Cowan University and Murdoch University. While enabling programs are normally accessed by students after they finish their Year 12 studies, St Mark’s and Curtin University have a partnership that allows the School to deliver the UniReady program to eligible Year 12 students as one of their timetabled courses. At St Mark’s students are supported to be active values-driven citizens and adaptable lifelong learners following personalised pathways to enable their success now and into the future.