Pastoral Care

At the Heart of St Mark’s

Quality pastoral care influences the tone of the whole School, creating a caring and nurturing environment in which young people feel safe and secure. This allows students to have a voice, feel connected, and empowered to participate in the community, knowing that they belong to something important; it makes them feel valued and encouraged in their learning, personal growth and social development. Our Christian faith and the School’s values - Respect, Knowledge, Confidence, Responsibility and Community - provide us with our moral compass.

The link between strong pastoral care and academic success is well-known, and underpins the commitment St Mark’s makes to achieving strong pastoral outcomes for our students. Pastoral care at St Mark's is based on the principles of healthy and positive relationships. By implementing a positive education model that incorporates best practice methods, we are able to provide students with opportunities to flourish.

The St Mark’s FLOURISH program is designed to support all students, from Kindergarten to Year 12, FLOURISH is based on positive education best practice and provides an overarching framework to shape delivery of pastoral care in the School. FLOURISH stands for; 

Feelings and emotional intelligence
Utilising resources and goal setting
Resilience and grit
Innovation and critical thinking
Service of others and gratitude
Healthy relationships

The RULER approach, developed at Yale University, supports the FLOURISH program, and helps our young people to develop skills that maximise their potential – academically, socially, and emotionally – to become responsible, confident and capable citizens. Schools that utilise positive education strategies consistently report improvements in student wellbeing and achievement across a wide range of measures.

Our young people face many challenges growing up in the 21st century. Within the School’s pastoral care structure, developing secure relationships with trusted others helps them to navigate obstacles and manage influences that may affect their mental and physical wellbeing. Students are encouraged and supported in developing a strong and resilient disposition, equipping them with skills to thrive in a challenging world.

St Mark's is a Child-Safe School

St Mark’s is committed to being a child safe organisation through the prevention, identification and reporting of child abuse and neglect. This includes the provision of support to children who have been abused; or are affected by abuse or neglect. As a School, St Mark’s believe that students should know that they are valued as people who are valued. This pastoral dimension should influence every aspect of their life. Find out more.