Middle School

Explore and Flourish

More and more young people are entering adolescence early, so much so that the World Health Organisation (WHO) now defines adolescence as starting from as young as 10.

Many good schools in Perth and in the Eastern States have, like St Mark’s, accepted the challenge of engaging our early adolescents and providing them with the necessary tools to excel.  One of the key ways we are doing is this to restructure the Middle School to cater specifically for students in Years 6, 7 and 8.

A strong and supportive transitional plan is in place for the Year 6s as they integrate into Middle School.

Our Middle School provides students with a learning environment that enables them to experiment, discover and create. Not only will students be provided with opportunities to develop their academic skills with a robust curriculum, they will also be provided with a place to develop and nurture friendships and experience personal growth.

 At St Mark’s, we encourage our students to Explore and Flourish.


Specialised teaching and learning programs underpin the Middle School curriculum and co-curricular activities, along with a student leadership structure and pastoral care program. A strong and supportive transitional plan is in place for the Year 6s as they integrate into Middle School.

Middle School timetables are structured with 26 periods per week (5 or 6 periods per day). We are guided by School Curriculum and Standards Authority and the Australian Curriculum in how we allocate time to learning areas and the content covered.

We believe the course structure we have is rigorous and engaging for all learners. The focus for Year 6 is very much on literacy and numeracy. Year 6s will spend a significant portion of their time in the Floreat building, with Home Room teachers and subject specialists in Maths, English, Science and Humanities. 

Year 7s and Year 8s will move between classrooms in the Cottesloe building, and when required, students will move to subject-specific areas such as the Science laboratories, Physical Education facilities and the Tony Stopher Library and Information Centre.


The students’ environment is really important. Students of this age like to be part of a big picture, but like to feel safe, insulated and have a sense of belonging. The Middle School precinct is the perfect place for our young adolescents and provides distinct areas designed to cater for the social and physical needs of students. 

Newly installed play equipment outside Floreat caters for the physical needs of Year 6s. It is designed to encourage upper body strength, while ‘nests’ in the structure provide place for social interaction.  

The Year 7 and 8 zones incorporate a number of large-scale games, such as outdoor Connect Four. New seating and shaded areas provide plenty of opportunity for social interaction, while also providing place to play.

The ever popular outdoor chess and ping pong tables add a another social element to Year 6, 7 and 8 zones.