House Groups

The House System is an important part of life at St Mark’s. Students are allocated to one of four houses - Carnley, Challen, Moyes and Watkins, each of which is named after a person who was instrumental in the foundation of our School. Siblings will be in the same House, and children of Old Scholars will be in the same House as their parent. 

Each fortnight, Middle and Senior students engage in “House time.” This is an opportunity to spend time working with other members of their House group. Activities include drama, dance, mural and public speaking. House activities also take place regularly in the Junior School and once a term in the Early Learning Centre.

Studies have shown that co-curricular involvement contributes to better academic performance and psychological functioning in school-aged children. Students are more likely to succeed if they feel accepted, valued, respected and included. The House Activities program aims to address all four of these vital components. Being ‘House proud’ is important. It gives students a sense of belonging, of being a part of a team.