St Mark's 'Shaves' the World

Thu, March 14, 2019

Twenty-two St Mark's students will be joining the mission to shave the world from blood cancer by getting sponsored to shave or colour their hair on Friday 15 March, as part of the Leukaemia Foundation's World Greatest Shave campaign.

The School's participation in the World's Greatest Shave started in 2014, when two students, Piers Forder and Nicky Silver, together with St Mark's teacher, Caroline Bamford, took up the challenge to 'be brave and shave'. Piers is a survivor of leukemia, and Nicky's dad was undergoing treatment for lymphoma. Inspired by their efforts, students have volunteered in greater numbers each year. In total, more than 40 students and staff have followed in their footsteps over the past few years, all becoming 'Caped Crusaders' for a very worthwhile cause.

The Leukaemia Foundation uses the funds raised through the World's Greatest Shave to provide families facing blood cancer with the emotional and practical support they need, as well as contributing to vital research in this area. 

Every day another 35 Australians are diagnosed with a blood cancer. Leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma are types of blood cancer. Blood cancer and related disorders can develop in anyone, of any age, at any time. 

If you would like to support our 2019 Shavers, you can choose to sponsor them through the St Mark's Team Fundraising page, or through their individual pages. The students have already passed the $5,000 mark collectively.

Meet Team St Mark's:

  • Priya McLeod (CH7.2)
  • Amelia Spinelli (CH9.2)
  • Caleb Tilson (CH11.1)
  • Jordyn White (M9.2)
  • Ella Neill (M9.1)
  • Isabelle Bastow (M11.2)
  • Amy Welton (M12.1)
  • Aaron Cox (W9.1)
  • Annika Neill (M7.2)
  • Emma Kent (M12.2)
  • Sydney Mclean (Y6.4)
  • Holly Johnson (M11.1)
  • Georgia Gemmill (C11.1)
  • Claire Scafidas (6.4)
  • Dayan Bhudia (M12.2)
  • Luke Meyers (CH9.2)
  • Amy Schutze (6.4)
  • Karam Thethy (M12.1)
  • Sarah Scafidas (M9.1)
  • Tjad Porter-Gianoncelli (C9.2)
  • Renan Pascucci (CH7.2)
  • Jasmine Gray (6.1)