WA first for St Mark's own Class Clowns

Fri, February 23, 2018

St Mark's is the first (and only) Western Australian school to participate in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival’s nationwide youth stand-up comedy competition Class Clowns.

Running since 2002, Class Clowns continues to engage and inspire funny young people to hone their potential. With heats around Australia, the finalists from each state travel to Melbourne to compete for the title of Australia’s funniest teen, a title that brings with it a grand prize of $1,500 for their school alongside a comedy workshop worth $1,000.

This year is the first that WA will host two major heats: the first in Joondalup (in partnership with the City of Joondalup as part of the Joondalup festival), and the second in Perth. Finalists from both heats will compete in the state final on March 25th, after which the winner will be flown to Melbourne to compete in the national final!

This year marks another state first for Class Clowns in WA as co-presenters Gelo debut their comedy development program DIY Comedy High! The program is being introduced as part of the school curriculum at St Mark’s Anglican Community School. Sam Longley, founder of Perth improvisation force The Big HOO-HAA! will be heading to St Mark’s to workshop comedy, improvisation and sketch writing skills with students from Year 10 Drama and with the School’s theatre troupe, Lionheart.  

Class Clowns offers a number of development opportunities for its participants, including mentorship with professional comedians, a free workshop for all heat finalists, and travel and accommodation for the WA winner as they are sent off to compete in the national final. Class Clowns has been providing a supportive space for young comedians to hone their skills for over 15 years, and is a fantastic place to learn comedy, perform to a warm and enthusiastic crowd and meet other emerging performers! 

St Mark's is keen to share this fantastic opportunity to with current students, as well as students from the local community. If you have a burgeoning Class Clown in your house, get in touch. Email ethomas@stmarks.wa.edu.au if you would like more information.