A Note from the Principal

Wed, June 05, 2019

It was a pleasure to watch recently as the nature-inspired mural, a collaboration between the Art and Science Departments, emerged from a ‘blank canvas’ on the eastern wall of the Science block (Dunsborough) in the secondary school. Artist, Mel McVee, brought to life our students’ observations of plants and animals living in the School grounds and in our local area. While Mel created the design from student input, the students themselves, staff and parents all painted the mural with clever direction from the artist, and our collaboration has resulted in a beautiful piece of art that ‘jumps out of the wall’ and has transformed the space in that area of the School. That it was a combined and collaborative effort from a wide section of our community makes it more special. The sense of community continually shines through at St Mark’s.

The Art Department is also coordinating a group of students who are involved in cocurricular Art to produce a mural that will emerge on the north eastern corner of the Barbara Godwin Performing Arts Centre. The students are currently involved in the design and creation process and I am looking forward to seeing how their combined creative thoughts manifest on that currently blank space.

The P&F has been very generous in enabling the School to procure and produce many art works that are on display around the School grounds, and we are very grateful. There is quite an ‘art trail’ developing around our campus.

The contribution of St Mark’s students this year to the City of Joondalup’s Festival, the ‘Sleeping Child’, was a highlight of the Lantern Parade and another fine example of the result of collaboration between artists inside and outside of the School. The Drama Department has also been very creative and active, producing and performing in May the production, ‘God of Carnage’, and harnessing the energy and talents of students in Years 6 – 12 for the upcoming (mid-August) production of ‘Beauty and the Beast’.

Tomorrow, as part of the Middle School Wellbeing Day, the Arts form a focus for of the day for Year 8 students. Opportunities to engage students creatively in their learning are increasingly a feature in Early Learning, where play is central to learning, the Junior, Middle and Senior Schools and Subject Departments within St Mark’s.

Inside and outside classrooms, exhibitions and displays of our students’ creativity, and opportunities to engage in creative thought processes, are contributing significantly to the development in them of skills that complement knowledge, and that will help them to thrive in a world that increasingly values collaborative effort, communication, imagination, teamwork, innovation and problem solving. There are some exciting learning opportunities happening at St Mark’s.

Steven Davies