Parental Participation

One of the points of difference between St Mark’s and other schools over many years is the ongoing and positive support of the Parents and Friends’ Association in building the School community.  In the early years, this took the form of parents doing manual work to raise funds and accelerate development.  More recently the focus has evolved into the Association hosting community events and activities which bring parents and the School together.

Parents will, on accepting an offer of enrolment for their child, take on a shared responsibility to assist the School in achieving its spiritual and educational goals.  The School aims to provide an environment where parents and friends have opportunities to contribute to the life of the School.  

Active involvement in the life of the School is both a precondition and a continuing condition of enrolment, and all families are required to provide a minimum of 10 hours of volunteer service per year, through supporting community activities or by providing practical help to the School. Each family is responsible for logging their own hours, using the online system located within the Parent Portal. As outlined in the Admissions Application form and in Confirmation of Enrolment documents, signed by parents, an additional P&F levy of $330 may be applied if hours are incomplete.

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