Parent Volunteers

One of the points of difference between St Mark's and other schools over many years is the ongoing positive support of the Parents and Friends' Association in the development of the School and in building a strong sense of community. One of the ways in which the community spirit is fostered is through providing an environment where parents and friends have opportunities to contribute to the life of the School through service. The Parental Participation program, also known as 'Parent Hours,' is administered by the St Mark's Parents and Friends' Association.

Current Opportunities

There are a number of opportunities coming up for parents who are looking for ways in which to add to their parent commitment hours tally for the year. Please take note of the contact details and/or information on how to register to participate.

Information last updated on 10 November 2021

Activity Date Time Requirements Contact
2022 Fete
In the lead up to the Fete on 12 March 2022, we are seeking volunteers in groups of two or three who can assist with Waste Control, COVID Safety, Entertainment, Setting Up and Packing Away of the Fete plus an Electrician who can meet safety requirements for the City of Joondalup Event Application.
The School Cafeteria is always seeking volunteers!
Uniform Shop
The Uniform Shop is always seeking new volunteers - click on the link alongside and find a slot that matches your schedule!
Music Department
Various: 10-19 Nov, 22 Nov - 7 Dec (excluding 26 Nov)
Assist Amy Croker with office filing and cataloguing.

Recording Parent Hours

You can log your parent hours online, at any time. The P&F recommend that you log your hours as soon as possible after completion of the task. A separate submission should be made for each activity completed.

Please contact the P&F's Parent Commitment Coordinator, Mrs Sam Bean, at parentcommitment@stmarks.wa.edu.au if you have any questions regarding the Parent Commitment Hours program.

Need to check how many hours you have logged?

If you have logged hours in Term 1 or 2 this year, but aren't sure how many you have completed, you can now check your information in the documents below. All you need to do is search the PDF for your Family Code (as shown on your Fee Statement). Please note that the document will be updated at the end of Term ,. 2021.

What are Parent Commitment Hours?

St Mark's has been founded on the concept of parental contribution toward a wide range of tasks necessary for the proper functioning of the School. Active involvement in the life of the School is both a precondition and a continuing condition of enrolment, and all families are required to provide a minimum of 10 hours of volunteer service per year, through supporting community activities or by providing practical help to the School. Each family is responsible for logging their own hours using this form. The School requires a minimum of 10 hours commitment per family, per annum, but many families provide well in excess of this requirement. The Parent Commitment Hours program is administered by the St Mark’s Parents & Friends’ Association (P&F). If the 10 hours commitment is not obtained, a fee of $330 will be levied by the P&F.