2020 Booklists

Booklist Requirements for 2020

All orders for students in Year 6 to 12 must be completed online by Friday 6 December 2019*:

  • Go to www.campion.com.au
  • Click on red button that says Order Here
  • If you have previously used Campion, please sign in
  • If you are new to purchasing on Campion, please register 
  • Once logged in, please enter the code SAX5 into the field "Resource List Code"
  • Place your orders as required

*Orders may be placed after the deadline of 6 December 2019, but may incur a late fee.

Early Learning Centre (Kindergarten to Year 1)

There are no booklist requirements for 2020. Instead, a levy will be added to your Term 1, 2020 accounts. The levies for the Early Learning Centre are as follows:

  • Kindy: $100
  • Pre Primary: $180
  • Year 1: $200

Junior School (Years 2 to 5)

There are no booklist requirements for 2020. Instead, a levy will be added to your Term 1, 2020 accounts.

  • Year 2: $200
  • Year 3: $200
  • Year 4: $200
  • Year 5: $200

Middle School (Years 6 to 8)

Senior School (Years 9 to 12)

Calculators (Years 8 onwards)

Students in Years 8 and up may require a graphic or scientific calculator (please refer to booklist if you are unsure). Parents have the option of purchasing the calculators through Campion, but may prefer to use the supplier Abacus, who are offering the calculators at a discounted rate for the St Mark's community.

Technology (BYOD)

  • Technology requirements for Year 6:  download letter. The information for Year 6 2020 is also relevant to students in Years 7 to 8 who will be NEW to St Mark’s in 2020  
  • Technology requirements for Years 9 to 12: download letter. This information is also relevant to students in Years 9 upwards who will be NEW to St Mark’s in 2020 

Buying and selling secondhand books

Sustainable School Shop makes the online buying and selling of second hand text books a quick and easy process.  It was first introduced at St Mark’s in 2013 and since then, more than 9,500 items have been traded! 

The P&F is once again funding full membership to Sustainable School Shop for the School community. This service is most relevant to families in Middle and Senior School. Families who registered last year have had their memberships extended. Please take the time to check whether your existing listings are current.

New registrations are encouraged via www.sustainableschoolshop.com.au  Simply register your details and nominate St Mark’s Anglican Community School as the school attended. Plan to reuse and recycle this year with Sustainable School Shop. 

Tips for Buying and Selling through the Sustainable School Shop

The SSS site is simple to navigate. Firstly, ensure you have logged on or registered as a new St Mark’s member. 

Book ISBNs – how to be sure you are getting the right text 

It is helpful to use the ISBNs for the books you are buying and selling. This is a unique code for every edition of every book and takes the guess work out of determining whether you are buying/selling the most current version of a text. The ISBN is found with the barcode on the back of every book (starting with 978…). All ISBNs are listed on SSS. The ISBN is a more accurate indicator of a book’s suitability than the date of the edition, as people often enter this incorrectly.       

How to BUY second hand books

  • On the Home page, click on FIND BOOKS (under Second-hand textbooks) 
  • Choose the relevant booklist/s for St Mark's 
  • Place a check mark against all the books you are seeking for 2020 (if you click on Show Info, you will see the correct ISBNs for these books) 
  • Scroll to the end and click on LIST WANTED ADS AND SEE ADVANCED SEARCH SUMMARY 
  • SSS will match your WANTED ad with other FOR SALE ads and show you the top matches – it will match you firstly with sellers from St Mark’s and then nearby suburbs. To see all matches, click on VIEW MORE. 
  • Click on SELLER DETAILS for texts that interest you and make contact with the seller 

How to SELL second hand books

It is best to have the books in front of you so you can check the ISBN and condition of the book. 

  • On the Home page, click on SELL BOOKS (under Second-hand textbooks) 
  • You can choose either the 2020 or 2019 booklist for the year your child is currently finishing 
  • View all the books listed for 2020 and place a check mark against the books you have to sell. At this stage, check that the ISBN for the 2020 book matches the ISBN of the book you are selling. 
  • Scroll to the end and click on CONSTRUCT YOUR FOR SALE AD 
  • SSS will ask you to enter details for each book you have to sell and will then post the ad/s and advise other buyers if the book/s match their wanted ads.      


  • Under MY ADS you can see all your current wanted and for sale ads. 
  • When you find, or sell, a book, go back to the ad and click on MARK AS FOUND, or MARK AS SOLD. Your ad is then removed and people will not keep contacting you. 
  • Importantly, it also gives the P&F an indication of how many items are traded and whether there is value in funding this initiative each year.