Our History

The St Mark's Timeline

1985: Interim School Council was set up with Mr GM Watkins as Chairman in January 1985

1985: In July, Mrs Barbara Godwin OAM, was appointed Foundation Principal and the Foundation Council held its inaugural meeting.

1985: The Parents and Friends' Association was formed in October 1985

1986: The School opened on 4 February 1986 with an initial enrolment of 240 students in Pre-Primary, Years 1, 2 and 3 and Year 8

1988: The School's first Library and the Administration block opened in 1989.

1989: Construction on the School Hall started in 1989, and was officially opened in 1990. In 2014, the Hall is named for the School's first employee, Bursar Ken Fairfield.

1990: The first group of students completed Year 12.

1991: The Old Scholars' Association is established.

1993: The Barbara Godwin Performing Arts Complex is opened.

1999: The Chapel of St Mark and St Luke opens.

2002: The Early Learning Centre opens.

2006: The Len King Sports Pavilion opens.

2009: The Year 7 Building opens (renamed the Floreat building in 2014).

2010: The new Primary School Campus is opened.

2011: The School celebrates its 25th Anniversary.

2012: Construction of the new Library begins.

2013: The refurbishment of the Barbara Godwin Performing Arts Centre and Early Learning Centre is completed.

2013: The new Tony Stopher Library and Information Centre is opened.

2015: Construction of the new Senior Academic Centre commences.