Heads, Hearts and Hands

St Mark's provides families with the opportunity of an education based on Christian practice and faith. The School practices its faith through:

  • care and concern for each individual member of the School community;
  • care and concern for the wider community:
  • development and implementation of its educational program based on the Christian faith: and
  • incorporating a strong philosophy and practice of pastoral care.

The School's philosophy is best expressed as "Heads, Hearts and Hands".

Heads: Christian Education

The School provides a Christian Education program for all students from Kindergarten to Year 12. In the Primary School, this takes the form of the Christian and Values Education (CAVE) program. In Middle and Senior School, Christian Education studies are a regular part of the curriculum. During the program, class discussion is valued and an investigative and enquiring mind is required.

Hearts: Chapel

Once a week every student attends Chapel. The Service is an eclectic mix of issues, history, Church Calendar, formal and informal prayers, anecdotes, interviews and more.  It aims to stimulate interest in the reality of God’s love as expressed through Jesus.

In addition to the weekly Chapel services, students can  participate in Connect Bible Study groups. The bible study groups are led by our Christian Education staff and Chaplaincy interns and take place during school hours. Participation is voluntary and the groups welcome both those who are are active in their faith and those who are just looking for more information.

Hands: Service

We encourage students to actively engage in community service. In addition to the opportunities offered through House activities, student-led initiatives and community fundraising, the School Chaplaincy program has been extended beyond the School's traditional boundaries. Since 2014, groups of Year 11 students have travelled annually to Tanzania as part of the Mikono Service Tour.

If you would like further information on any of School's Chaplaincy programs, including Chapel services, CAVE, Christian Education, Connect Bible study groups or the Mikono Tour, please contact School Chaplain, Scott Rowland.

Supporting School Families

In addition to the Christian Education and Chaplaincy to students, the School also offers pastoral services to the broader School community: parents, staff and Old Scholars. Pastoral services include weddings, baptisms and funerals as well as spiritual support in times of crisis and also in times of thanksgiving.