Parents & Friends

A Community Partnership

One of the points of difference between St Mark's and other schools over many years is the ongoing positive support of the Parents and Friends' Association in the development of the of the School and in building a strong sense of community. In the early years, this support took the form of parents doing manual work and raising funds to support key initiatives. More recently, the focus has evolved into the Association hosting community events and activities which continue the tradition of community building.

The aim of the St Mark's Parents and Friends’ Association is to provide the School community with social, financial and physical support. Parents  of students from Pre-Primary through to Year 12 are automatically members of the Association and are welcome to attend any of the meetings throughout the year. General meetings are held once a term.The P&F facilitates and encourages interaction between students and parents within the school and wider community.  Regular P&F fundraising activities include the annual St Mark's Art exhibition and biennial Fete.

The P&F supports and helps administer the Parent Commitment Program which is designed to include all families in the wellbeing and development of the School. Various activities such as Busy Bees, classroom help, and Canteen and Uniform Shop volunteer work contribute to the program.

Each year,  the P&F provides a generous financial contribution to the School for the upgrade and implementation of services and facilities for the students. In addition, the P&F funds a Student Insurance Policy for all students.

Please take the time to support the P&F in any way possible. The support you show towards the community aspect of your child’s education can only have a positive effect on their outlook as future members of the community.

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