Parent Tools

St Mark's has a number of online tools designed to support and provide information to both parents and students.  This page provides a summary of all these tools, as well as log in points for all areas.  To access the online tools, click on the white button marked "Portals" at the top of the website page.  Once you have clicked on it, a drop down menu will appear listing the main log in options.  

The move to a single sign on system in 2017

The School currently testing a new system that will link all the current tools, and parents will only need one username and password in order to access this. We expect this single-sign on system to be ready in Term 2, 2017 and look forward to providing you with more information in due course.

SEQTA Learn (Student Gateway)

SEQTA Learn (previously known as Coneqt-S) is available as a link through the white Portals button at the top left hand corner of the website. All Secondary School students (from Years 7 to 12) have already been issued with their log in details. Students can view their timetable and course outlines for every subject. Some teachers are also providing links to homework and other resources for students through SEQTA Learn. Test and assesment results are also available through SEQTA Learn. Students are able to set themselves goals and monitor their own progress. We encourage parents to ask their children to log in to SEQTA Learn and give them a quick tour of what is available to students through the site.

Student log in: SEQTA Learn

Need help or support for SEQTA Learn? Contact IT or visit the IT Desk in the Library.

SEQTA Engage (Parent Gateway)

SEQTA Engage (previously known as Coneqt-p), provides parents with all the critical information related to their child’s academic progress. Parents are be able to view their child’s homework and timetable, get a pastoral care overview, find out about unexplained absences and access your child’s attendance history, get details of upcoming assessments as well as view assessment results (including academic reports) and comments from their teachers. Parents are also able to read and respond to Direct Messages from teachers, as well as view relevant School notices.  Read the SEQTA Information Sheet,

Parent log in: SEQTA Engage

Need help or support for SEQTA Engage? Contact the SEQTA Support Team.

Student Webmail

The Student Webmail link is located at the top of the School website in the Portals button. Every student has their own email address and has been supplied with their individual log in information.  Students are able to receive emails from teachers, and students can also contact teachers directly on a variety of topics, including class work, homework and any concerns they may have. In some cases, at the discretion of the teacher, students may also be able to submit homework via email.  Students are expected to abide by the Responsible Use of Technology policy when using the School network, including accessing their email, Stile and SEQTA Learn, as well as other online resources.

Log in: Student Webmail

Need help? If students need support for Student Web Mail, SEQTA Learn, Stile, iPads or any technology queries, they can email the IT Department, or visit the IT Hotdesk on the ground floor of the Tony Stopher Library & Information Centre. The Hotdesk is open every day from 8.30am to 3.30pm

Parent Portal

The Parent Portal is an Administrative hub that contains sensitive information relevant only to individual families.  The Portal can be accessed through the link at the top of the School website (labelled 5 in the picture above).The Portal provides parents with direct access to family data, useful documents, parent commitment hours, school accounts and secure online payment facilities. Every family has a unique Username and password.  If you are unsure of your Username, please check your most recent Fee Account Statement.  On the last page of the Statement, in the ‘tear off’ section, you will find your username above your name and postal address. 

Log in: Parent Portal  

Need help with the Parent Portal?  Check out the Frequently Asked Questions/Troubleshooting page.


Parents will only be able to access the PTO booking systems twice a year, just prior to the regular Parent Teacher Interview evenings for Middle and Senior School students.  If parents would like to arrange an appointment to see a teacher outside of the Parent Interview dates, they are welcome to contact the relevant teacher directly. The email addresses for all teachers can be found in the Secure Parent Area. Alternatively, parents can contact teachers through Direct Messages on SEQTA Engage

Secure Parent Area

The Secure Parent Area contains information of interest to all School parents, and is accessibly only to parents of students currently attending St Mark's. In the Secure Parent Area, you will find a wide variety of information, including minutes of the P&F meetings, handbooks, policies and other useful documents.   You can navigate to the Secure Parent Area from the homepage of the website. Click on "Our Community" on the top navigation. When the Our Community page opens, follow the link on the left hand side of the page to the Secure Parent Area. No username is required.  To obtain the password, please contact the Community Relations Officer.

Log in: Secure Parent Area


School App

Our very own iPhone/iPad/Android App is now available from the App store as a free download! This App is gives parents access to information about events and daily activities at the School. It is be updated regularly to ensure that the information provided is the most current and up-to-date available. News alerts, reminders and calendar information is sent out regularly, and the weekly newsletters are also available through the School App. We encourage parents to tailor their notifications to ensure they receive the information they find most useful.

Download the iphone/ipad App from iTunes

Download the Android App from Google Play


Social Media

The School has its own Facebook page.  We invite all parents and students to "like" the Facebook page and keep up to date with what is happening at St Mark's. The Facebook page will act as a supplementary communication tool, and will contain information that is also available through the website, School newsletters and the School App. We are encouraging our School community - staff, students and parents - to be responsible users of Social Media, and suggest everyone to read the useful tips from ThinkUKnow on how you can ensure your personal privacy online.

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