Our Community

The name St Mark's Anglican Community School describes the identity of our School. A School is a place of education; Anglican tells of our Christian heritage, ethos and values; and Community speaks of the care and respect that we have for each other.

The word "community" is also central to our School's values. As a community, we work together to reach a shared goal, offering each other mutual support and encouragement. The skills and talents of individuals are recognised and acknowledged, allowing each individual to make a positive contribution to group efforts.

What does this mean for St Mark's?

We encourage our students to think not only of the immediate School community - their peers, parents and teachers - but also of the wider community in which we live. We encourage students to make a positive contribution through Community Service, but we also fostering a sense of community  by raising their awareness of events and concerns beyond our School walls.

For parents, we encourage active participation in School activities through the Parent Volunteer program, and by joing at in at the church@school services. For Old Scholars, we encourage them to remain a part of the School community through the Old Scholars' Association, church@school and projects such as "Study with Old Scholars". For staff, we provide a positive work environment and culture to attract and retain high quality staff by fostering professionalism, commitment, loyalty, Christian values and a high standard of pastoral care.