On the right track with Engineering studies Mon, April 03, 2017

As part of Year 11 /12 Certificate I & II Engineering Metals course, students participated in a go-karting activity at Wanneroo Raceway. Before they headed to the track, the students visited the workshops to study the engineering principles involved in the design and constructionof go-karts. This research will be used as part of their design work when the students are working on their own go-karts, a key component of the Engineering course.

Once they had a good understanding of the principles behind the design of the go-karts, students were given the option of testing the vehicles on the the track. Students were given a thorough safety induction by the Wanneroo Raceway staff, which included a talk on safe driving. The demanding Wanneroo race track ensured the students gained first-hand knowledge of the value of  good engineering on vehicles.

The Year 11s and 12s enjoyed the thrill of driving on a track, and came away with an important lesson in engineering, as well as a strong message on safe driving.